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Member Services:  The New York State Osteopathic Medical Society is the only professional society in the state that represents the interests of osteopathic physicians. The organization continues to change in response to our members' needs,  and offer advanced membership benefits & services. We support our members by highlighting their concerns, promoting the Osteopathic profession and preserving its distinction.

Legislative Action: NYSOMS is committed to safeguarding the practice rights of our members while tracking state and federal legislation that directly impacts the way our physicians practice medicine. Our mission is to keep our members well-informed about critical issues unfolding in Albany, ensuring that their voices are heard in legislative and regulatory circles. At NYSOMS, we act as an advocate for osteopathic physicians, ensuring that their concerns and needs are presented effectively to legislative and regulatory leadership, and that these parties have a better understanding of osteopathic principles and practice. 

CME and Educational Opportunities: NYSOMS holds accreditation from the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) as a Category 1 Sponsor, and we are looking into more ways to provide additional accreditation credits as well. Our primary goal is to provide you with educational opportunities that are not only highly relevant but also conveniently accessible. We are committed to delivering educational activities that address knowledge gaps and elevate the quality of patient care. To accomplish this, we offer a diverse range of learning experiences, including live events and online resources, ensuring that you have convenient and enjoyable avenues to expand your medical knowledge.

Communications and Information: As a valued member, you'll enjoy our comprehensive e-newsletter and communications to keep you informed and connected to tools and resources, the latest developments with NYSOMS, and the medical profession. We gather news, important announcements and information in an easy to access form. 

Additionally, Membership with NYSOMS provides:

  • Discounted registration fees to attend the Regional Osteopathic Convention, typically awarding up to 30 category 1-A AOA CME credits. 

  • Exclusive access to workshops and webinars
  • Patient referrals from our membership roster

  • A forum for colleague exchange among fellow osteopathic physicians in New York

  • Monitoring of legislative activity in Albany and providing legislative updates and action items
  • Advocacy for the advancement and protection of DOs
  • Representation in various governmental areas,  and professional organizations, including the State Board for Medicine, Board for Professional Medical Conduct, Workers Compensation, and the AOA.

  • Professional aids, such as legal counsel
  • Confidential Assistance with  Medicare, Medicaid, fraud and abuse, managed care, and physician reimbursement issues, and medical licensing and legislative/regulatory activities affecting practice.

  • Online physician member directory

  • Online physician job openings and posting 

  • Voice in the osteopathic profession, New York Delegates to represent the profession at the AOA House of Delegates 

  • Newsletters and communications to keep members informed about industry developments, relevant legislation and members news

Membership Application



A new benefit especially for NYSOMS members who hold a Florida medical license.   When you log into CE Broker, and use your membership code, it will take $5 off either the Professional or Concierge account level. While signing up, plug it into the payment page under the section for coupons. Click here
​DrFirst offers e-prescribing solutions for legend drugs, controlled substances and more. To access the DrFirst Web site, click here
NYSOMS has also partnered with DrFirst to offer our members special discounted prices on electronic prescribing software that can improve patient safety, comply with I-STOP, and prescribe legend and controlled drugs in a single, web-based workflow. To contact DrFirst for information on special pricing, click here 


As a NYSOMS member, you and your
extended family are now eligible to apply for Long Term Care and Disability Income Insurance at association discounted rates. For more information, contact Paul Rothman at (973) 879 4881 or [email protected]

To learn more about Long Term Care Insurance, click here
To learn more about Disability Insurance, click here


​Healthcare Alliance offers a free pharmacy discount card that will help NYSOMS members and their families with medication costs. It is not insurance, but a resource to supplement coverage members may already have in place.
These cards will be mailed, so be sure the NYSOMS office has your updated address.  

​​All ACTIVE NYSOMS members can get a card by calling the NYSOMS office at:  212 261 1784.


​I.C. System is one of the largest debt collection agencies in the United States. A NSYOMS preferred provider, I.C. System is not like other collection agencies in that it is family owned and privately held, ensuring personalized service that has worked for its clients for more than three generations.
For more information on how you can utilize IC System, contact Bryan Campbell at (651) 481-6317 or [email protected], orclick here

Use the QR Code above to add Mr. Gallo's contact information directly to your phone!
Thomas M. Gallo, Esq.
Gallo Health Law
626 RXR Plaza, West Tower, 
Uniondale, NY 11556                    
Direct: 516.426.9820| Cell: 631.235.6301
[email protected]
Web address: and


​Medical Guardian provides medical alert devices with GPS activation for seniors and others who may be at risk and peace of mind for their loved ones. This could be a priceless service for family, friends, or patients.
For more information, click here.

​MLMIC, a NYSOMS preferred provider, is not only the largest writer of medical professional liability insurance in the State of New York, but also one of the largest companies of its kind in the nation. Across New York State, MLMIC insures nearly 16,000 physicians, 4,000 dentists and dozens of hospitals. MLMIC recently agreed to be acquired by National Indemnity Company, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., one of the world’s leading insurance organizations.

For more information on the impact of this acquisition, click here.

​To learn how you can utilize MLMIC as a NYSOMS member, click here.